A New Generation Of 32 beams LiDAR,One-Stop Solution For Front Perception And Near-Field Blind-Spot Detection

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200m detection range, 0.33° vertical angular resolution

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The RS-Helios is a new generation 32-beam LiDAR designed for robots, autonomous vehicles, V2X, and mapping applications.
The RS-Helios-5515 adopts a design that arranges lasers more densely in the center of its FOV and more sparsely on the ends, resulting in a higher-precision 3D point cloud of the environment in front of the vehicle. Combined with a customized 70°ultra-wide vertical FOV at a 55°-downward tilt below the horizon, it greatly reduces near-field blind spots, and allows for both long-range perception and blind-spot detection at the same time. This design greatly facilitates a simpler vehicle sensor setup.
With its innovative new architecture, the size of the RS-Helios series is reduced by 29% compared to the RS-LiDAR-32.



Customizable FOV

Near-field blind spot ≤ 0.1 m

Rain, fog, snow and dust denoising function

Shields against strong light and multi-radar interference

Supports web configuration and monitoring

-30°C temperature resistance

Multiple operation modes: high-performance, low-power, standby

In-car Ethernet output

「Vertical FoV of 70°
  55°of FoV below horizon to elimilate blind zone」


200m detection range, 0.33° vertical angular resolution

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Product Specifications

# of Lines32Laser Wavelength905nm
Laser SafetyClass 1 eye safeBlind Spot≤0.4m
Range200m(150m@10% NIST) 200m(150m@10% NIST) Up to ±3cm
Horizontal FoV360°Vertical FoV40°
Horizontal Resolution0.1°/0.2°/0.4° Vertical ResolutionUp to 0.33°
Frame RateFrame RateFrame Rate300/600/1200rpm (5/10/20Hz)
Points Per Second~600,000pts/s(Single Return)
 ~1,200,000pts/s(Dual Return) 
UDP Packet includeSpatial Coordinates, Intensity,
Timestamp, etc.
Ethernet Connection100 MbpsOutputUDP packets over Ethernet
Operating Voltage9V - 32VOperating Temperature-30°C ~ +60°C
Power Consumption13.5WStorage Temperature-40°C ~ +85°C
Ingress ProtectionIP67Time Synonization$GPRMC with 1PPS
Dimensionφ114mm * H108.73 mmWeight (without cabling)Weight (without cabling)